Previously known as one part of the genre-blending The Peronists, Federico naturally
merges folkloric melodies with driving electronic beats.

From the minimalist wonder of Norte II to the frenetic synths of Mars Landing, Federico’s
sound is an effortless mix of the traditional and the modern.

Born and raised in the Yungas forests of northern Argentina, his musical influences range
from the traditional sounds of his homeland to house, techno, reggaeton, cumbia and the
modern urban rhythms of Latin America.

His tropical and energetic dance floor orientated music has seen him DJ in cities across the
world, including Buenos Aires, New York, Berlin, Paris and London, sharing the booth with
the likes of Omar Souleyman, Scuba, Agoria, Dengue Dengue Dengue, and Mad Professor.

Having collaborated with the likes of Niña Dioz, Hamdan Al Abri, Jeannine Martin, Axel Krygier,
Yodashe and 
Galambo, his previous work has appeared on a number of compilations including
Waxplotation Records in the US, ZZK Records in Argentina and Berlin’s Chusma Records.

Latest Activities:

July  2017 – Live Act Band for the “Festival de la Independencia” in celebration of the 201´s Independence Day of Argentina , event that was holded by the Ministry of Culture of the Nation.

Broadcasted Live by TV:

October  2017, mapping and live electronic music at the ‘100 por Ciento’ curated for a museum night show “La Noche de Los Museos” (Argentina) in the President Nicolas Avellaneda´s house and Museum.4 Shows.

November  2017, Live Act Band at 
Festival Pulsudo art and emerging urban culture, Argentina.

Febraury  2018, mapping and live electronic music at “Esculpiendo Milagros” paying homage
of the sculpturist Lola Mora, presented at the President Nicolas Avellaneda´s house and Museum.

July   2018, Live music, interviews and album promotion at Greek National Radio Station 
and EN LEFKO of At
 (Greece), (Andean Guitar).